Wednesday, August 11, 2004

tension !! tensi !! tension !!

today i woke up realising that i haven't completed my photography assignment yet.... AAARRRGGGHHH !!! i was going to do it last night but in the middle of having "fun" doing it.... i fell asleep ... and woke up around 10 o'clock this morning.... my roomate wasn't here with me so there's no help in wake up call department... well guys i think that's all i've got to rush and finished my assignments or it's gonna the end of me... so long folks !!


Blogger Yam said...

Lots more to finish? I thought deadline dah sampai?

BTW, kiYam rasa nak gi S'pore la. Nak melepak + get away from KL for a while. Boring dah dok KL ni ehehe..

Bila start cuti? Dah buat plan kah?

13 August 2004 at 14:24  

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