Monday, August 23, 2004

just wandering ?

i've just finished my final photography assignment about 30 minutes ago.. and i'm glad to finished it.... just log off from chatting with one of my course mate... seems like one of her group member in one of the subject is trying to take for granted that it is a group assingments... she's letting everyone but her do the work... kinda fuc**d up izzit to have a group member like that... while all of her group members are hard at work, working non stop for three whole days, what did she do? she just hangs out in her room with some friend "ehem" and said that she lost track of time... kinda stupid reason ain't it... i pity my course mate... pity that she have this type of friend... i don't know when did this friends of ours take the wrong turn but nowadays she turn out to be a real pain in the ass... even though all her group memebers prefer to keep things silent about it, i can't stand it... hang in there "course mate" i wish u all the best and hope that things will turn out better for u !! ganbate kuddasai !!


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